We're Digital Pathfinders.​

The online marketing world’s technical jargon is like another language – lead generation, PPC, SEO, inbound marketing, web design, optimization, conversational sales. How do you navigate this terrain? With our help.

We're Technological Groundbreakers.

We know you’re at the start of your technology journey, so we’re here to guide you through the challenging topography of digital marketing. Not only are we digital pathfinders, but our roots are also firmly planted in Alberta industry.

At Khybr Digital, we’re committed to converting even the most technologically averse into online aficionados. Combining ease, education, and expertise, we seamlessly roll out digital marketing plans that work. And because we know you trust hard data, we audit and analyze your current marketing approach to demonstrate where you are and show you where you could be. From there, we recommend targeted technologies and strategies that increase customer engagement, track and boost sales, and reveal connections and insights that generate new leads.

We're Khybr Digital.

Like you, we value relationships (the in-real-life kind) and we come from the same world, so Khybr Digital is a business built on friendship. As outdoor enthusiasts, explorers, and mountain bikers, we crave both challenge and adventure, overcoming obstacles isn’t just our job, it’s our hobby. Our firm is named for Whistler’s infamous trail, Khyber Pass, where, together, we not only tackled an arduous ride, but also realized our shared desire to help businesses battling modernization. Immersed in Alberta industry ourselves, we’ve seen countless successful businesses struggling to harness the digital realm as part of their strategic plans. Understanding that challenge intimately, we created Khybr to help businesses adopt new strategies and technologies to see measurable growth in the internet economy.

At Khybr, we’re technology junkies, but we’re old school. We don’t hide behind emails, we meet face-to-face, valuing human interaction and the clarity and understanding that comes from in-person communication. But don’t mistake our good humour and approachability for indifference, we’re invested, tenacious, and driven to achieve the best for our clients. And it shows: we make a real, tangible (read: measurable) impact on our clients’ growth and success.

Level Up Your Marketing


Your website matters. Not just what it looks like or what it says (though that matters more than you know), but also how it works: Is it communicating your brand? Does it work properly on a smart phone? Is it user friendly? Is it easy to find? Is it selling your service or product? Is it helpful? Is it adding value? Is it making you money? We design workhorses: modern websites tuned for performance and visibility that also track data crucial to understanding your demographic and your business.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank your website in their search results based on several factors including performance, relevance and your website’s ability to answer or provide solutions to searchers queries in your field – which means your website needs to be optimized to rank high in online searches. Basically, SEO increases your reach and exposure while also enhancing user experience, conversion potential, brand awareness, and customer insights.

Known in the industry as PPC (pay per click) or internet ads, digital advertising drives traffic to your website and advertises your business. Instead of sticking to just print ads and billboards, by buying space online (websites, apps, social platforms) we can target ads to reach your specific demographic, putting your company in front of the right eyes.

Conversational marketing uses Chatbots to create informal (but scripted) instant messaging and live chats. By creating a Chatbot for your website, you instantly create a personalized, responsive experience that elevates your customer service. Our Chatbots are designed to sound like real people, not robots, and they improve engagement, generate leads, identify prospects, and capture valuable customer information all while effortlessly offering customers 24/7 responsiveness. Plus, Chatbots act as instant, tailored FAQ pages, anticipating and answering common questions, ultimately reducing your team’s time spent fielding questions.

As a full-service digital consulting firm, we offer comprehensive digital consulting services, including

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Audits and Consulting
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Messaging and Design
  • Content Writing and Design (Marketing Collateral, Thought Leadership, Blogging)
  • Social Media Strategy and Management
  • Concept Development
  • Website Management
  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Process Consulting
  • IT consulting