About Khybr Digital

Our mission is to grow your business.

Your website and online presence matters and can really have value.  We make this our responsibility, we do it in person, in the open and in a way that makes sense.

Learn about Khybr Digital and find out what matters most to you.

Meet the Cofounders!

Andrew Odegard and Kyle Snodgrass

Meet the Cofounders!

Andrew Odegard and Kyle Snodgrass

Andrew and Kyle came from different backgrounds of sales and science. Together, they have become well-versed in various areas of marketing, SEO, web design and consultation.

Over time, working in their own fields, the two of them started seeing huge marketing opportunities being missed either by their friends, colleagues or others in their networks and as a result, leading to little or no value in their marketing campaigns.

It was at that point that Andrew and Kyle formed Khybr Digital; with the sole intent to provide valued results to clients in an effective and easily understood way.

The truth is, managing a social media account, a website, an advertising campaign, hosting and everything else, all on your own, can be extremely difficult and time consuming. But, with two smart guys like these, you are bound to discover a whole new world of digital marketing.

We shifted gears during our time at the ‘Whistler Office’ and decided to focus on the things we both love:

Working with our clients.

The Khybr Team

Our values reflect not only ourselves but how Khybr Digital operates. These 5 values make up who we are.

Core value #1


We do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it. We’re not satisfied with anything less than excellence throughout Khybr Digital, and we have the self-confidence to admit when we’re wrong and the willingness to change.

Core value #2


Call us old-school but we pride ourselves in being present in front of our clients. We don’t hide behind emails and WebExes. We look to the past to learn, the future for trends but do business in the now.

Core value #3


Our demeanor may appear relaxed, but there is indeed velocity in everything we do. We challenge one another and expect to be challenged in return. We fight to be the best, for our clients, our company, and the community

Core value #4


The exception to the rule, we strongly believe the status quo isn’t always enough. We choose to build our services and company in a way that changes common practice and, when justified, take the risks to achieve leading results.

Core value #5


Never satisfied, we strive to continually learn and grow not only as a company, but as individuals. We accept challenge and embrace growth.

Khybr Digital: a brief history

Follow us through all the memories that brought us here today!

Kyle was supporting the oil industry.

Andrew was selling disposal service.

Jesse Puljujarvi becomes an Oiler!


Official Incorporation!

Something is born!

First Version of Khybr

E-Commerce First Sale!

Oilers first playoff run since 06!

Whistler Office Open For Business!

Khybr Digital is born in the woods

Partnered to grow an Alberta Based Business. Client #1 !

We hire our first employee, Dave!

Lead Generation tool in Beta!

New Logo! High Five!

Alex Joins the team!

Across the map

Khybr Digital is building across North America