Why does your webpage’s old info show up on Facebook?

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Hey everyone.

Do you have a page or a posting that you created that isn’t playing nice with the Facebook Description?

Or are you sharing links but are seeing Facebook pull old and sometimes wrong info?

Facebook, for some reason, has a very strange cache timeline when it comes to how it pulls site descriptions, etc.

This confused the crap out of us – but for you, the faithful reader, I present the very easy fix.

As you can see, we have recently launched a new version of the Khybr Digital website.  If you are reading this – you may have a good idea as to what a new site design feels like.

Things are moving fast, constantly changing and things can even change after they are “final”.

Case in point:  Our meta descriptions.

The day before the launch, I tightened up the final (yeah, right) versions of the meta descriptions.  I ended up adding a line at the end that wasn’t great, but it was in the for the time being.

After some discussion the next morning with the team, it was decided that the line in question had to go.  So like a good SEO soldier I make the fix, cleared the cache and went on my way.

Then the Facebook shares started, and I kept hearing, “um Dave – the old line is still there”.

So I reconfirmed it was fixed.

Then it happened AGAIN.

Turns out Facebook pulls descriptions ahead of time and does not when you just share a page link.

And here is the fix.


Fixing Facebook's old site data

Enter your site, then click debug.

You will then see a snapshot of the last time Facebook scraped your data.

Click SCRAPE AGAIN and all of your new data will be autofilled in.


Hope you didn’t pull your hair out figuring this problem out and if so, I hope this little fix helps.

Peace out.